anna-ruth + jan-marco.

ideally, watch the above slideshow of AR+JM’S wedding. or, scroll through the photos below 🙂

i met anna-ruth in essen, germany in 2012 whilst i was studying photography there for a semester. being so far away from home, i remember feeling so happy to meet someone like anna-ruth: down to earth, creative, fun and super eager to experience new things. in fact, one of the first nights we hung out, she and i and a bunch of other friends took a train across the border to a tiny pub in the netherlands, where we saw Lucy Rose (who til then, i’d never heard of) perform with a small band to a tiny crowd. it remains one of the best gigs i’ve ever been to, and Lucy Rose is up there as one of my all time favourite artists (my most played of 2019 in fact).

years passed. anna-ruth came to new zealand not once, but twice, and we continued to share letters and messages ’til late last year, when she asked if i’d be willing to photograph her upcoming wedding to jan-marco. it’s an honour to photograph anyone’s wedding day, but especially so when they are such a dear friend.

next came covid. we both were relieved at the fact the wedding wasn’t booked til october and hoped everything would be back to normal by the time the day came. the months passed, summer came and went, and suddenly it was september and covid was rearing its head once again in the form of a second wave spreading across europe. local lockdowns were enforced with the kind of spontaneity we’ve become so accustomed to this year. basically, it was very much touch and go not only in the weeks leading to the wedding, but even in the final days before the saturday nuptials. josh and i received confirmation on the tuesday arvo that bavaria’s restrictions were such that the wedding could still go ahead, and so off on the plane, armed diligently with masks and hand sanitiser, we went. and my goodness, i am so glad and relieved and thankful that we got to. a german wedding is quite different to a new zealand one (complete with skits and wood cutting at the reception?!) what a day it was.

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